Animals on the Farm

Nina is the matriarch of our herd. She is an 11 year- old Myotonic goat that was adopted from Infinity Acres Ranch in Virginia.

Opie is the only young man in the herd. He will be a year- old next Spring and is Nina’s son. He has beautiful blue eyes and the sweetest disposition.

Silver Cloud also came from Infinity Acres Ranch and became a first-time mom here at the farm in June. She is very friendly and an excellent mother.

Bea is the first baby to be born on the farm and is the spitting image of her mom, Silver Cloud.

Thelma Lou is the newest addition to the farm. She is a beautiful solid black, blue-eyed beauty that came from a local farm.

Meet the Chickens!

Wagging Tails Farm is the home to a small flock of egg producing chickens. The girls are protected by our rooster, Stephen Hawking.

Members of the flock include:

Ruth Bader Ginsberg, Eleanor Roosevelt, Kristine Johnson, Hillary Clinton

Marie Curie, Kamala Harris, Sally Ride, Rosa Parks, Rosalind Franklin, and

Jane Goodall

Meet the Fur Babies

Molly, Riley, and Dash

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